Hinesville Police hold annual Safe Kids Day

Hinesville Police hold annual Safe Kids Day
(Source: WTOC)

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The Hinesville Police Department held their annual Safe Kids Day at Bryant Commons Park in Hinesville.

Residents had the chance to speak with police officers, firefighters along with other agencies.

The event is centered around bridging the gap between the community and local law enforcement and first responders.

One police officer says it's important to have events like this to ease any fears or anxieties people may have.

"Any time you have an event and people are able to see officers and they see them interacting it really separates us from just being a blue uniform, we want that, we want people to be able to associate us not just with enforcing laws, but also we're trying to have an enforcement on a positive relations within the community," said Corporal Kevin Remillard, Crime Prevention Community Resource of the Hinesville Police Department.

A strong emphasis on safety was the main target of the event. The Hinesville Police Department has been holding the Safety Day event for 12 years. The department will also be holding their National Night Out August 7th at the same location of Saturday's event.

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