Murder victim's mother speaks after recent arrest

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's been nearly a year since Jamison Lemon's disappearance and his mother says that she's just happy that someone has been arrested. Despite this, she says that Justin Jammison's arrest and subsequent murder charge will not bring her son back, nor will she be able to see his entire body.

"The Lord answered my prayers 'cause I was like 'God please give us some answers before the anniversary date' and he did," said Jamie Young, Lemon's mother.

In just two days, it would have been an entire year of this mother not knowing what exactly happened to her son following his disappearance. She says the days after his disappearance are days that she'll never forget.

"I knew that when mothers Days came and I didn't hear from Jamison, that's when I became really really concerned," Young said. "I'm still hoping that my phone would ring or that my doorbell would ring and it's Jamison."

She knows that won't happen because the DNA results came back this week and identifying the remains as Jamison's.

"We don't have a lot of closure," Young said. "I still don't have my baby. I have not laid eyes on a total corpse."

She says all she wanted was to see her sons full body one last time, but she may never get that.

As his disappearance anniversary and Mother's Day approaches, she says she will never forget the love Jamison showed her every chance he got.

"I wanna be able to just hold him one more time and I didn't get that," Young said. "I didn't get to do that. Somebody stole him from me."

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