Developers work on 15-year plan to re-design Savannah neighborhoods

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Congress for New Urbanism, a nonprofit organization that helps rebuild and restore communities, is here in Savannah this week. 
Developers in Savannah have come up with new ways to rebuild areas in Savannah with a 15-year plan.

Lincoln Street is one of the areas in downtown Savannah that are apart of this 15-year plan. Developers will be finalizing all plans to rebuild east, south and downtown Savannah on Monday with the City.

The process of redesigning eastside, southside and downtown Savannah took about a month a half with input from the community and the city. The developers will soon hand over their booklet of blueprints to the city for the council to endorse and go from there for results moving forward. This is also the first time the Congress for New Urbanism has come to Savannah. 

"We present ideas and draw them in detail and then get direct feedback immediately from the public," said Kevin Klinkenburg with the Savannah Development Renewal Authority.

"The city worked with CNU to come up with two legacy projects as part of the CNU and with that, we are very excited to have the conference come to town also have the final presentations," said Bridget Lidy with the City of Savannah. "With the concepts that were developed with the CNU legacy project, its just that a concept and the devils in the detail and we need to go back and see how we can make this happen."

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