Bluffton targets distracted drivers

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Town of Bluffton along with the Bluffton Police Department are working to make sure Bluffton's roads become safer, and will soon be rolling out the next phase of their distracted driving campaign.

Last Fall, they started the campaign, which consists of three stages: engagement, education, and enforcement. The engagement started last fall. Education began in February and is soon to wrap up. And now, the enforcement is about to begin.

Bluffton Police say with the town growing, they need to continue to make sure the roads stay safe.

"When you look at how fast the Town of Bluffton is growing and each day we have more motorists on our roads and for that reason we want to educate the public on things that you can do to drive safely around town to protect your life and the life of others."

Town leaders say drivers have already been given warnings, and citations will be issued beginning next month. So, if you're caught distracted driving from now on, you could end up paying a fine.

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