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Schedule Your Free Hearing Screening Today

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and Beltone Hearing Aid Center is committed to helping improve the lives of residents from the Coastal Empire to Low Country who are part of the 30 million Americans dealing with some form of hearing loss.

While hearing problems can typically be classified as a sign of simply aging due to prolonged exposure to noise, the issue is usually more complex and should require serious, if not medical, attention.

According to a study by the Hearing Loss Association of America, one out of three people ages 65 or older cope with hearing loss, while two to three out of every 1,000 children in the country are born with it in one or both ears.

Hearing loss often happens gradually, and can result from ear infections, head injuries, and certain medications. Because of this, a sufferer may not realize how sounds become fainter over time and may start to forget some of the sounds they were used to once hearing normally.

Fortunately, there are innovative and evolving ways to deal with these issues.

For over 77 years, Beltone has been designing technological hearing aids that can accommodate just about any lifestyle and hearing loss. This includes size, style, degree of severity, and even wireless.

Beltone’s HearMax app allows a user to connect hearing aids to a Smartphone or Apple Watch as a more convenient and discreet way to control what audio is heard from everyday devices. This includes controlling the volume for phone calls, GPS navigation, and helping locate misplaced or lost hearing aids.

If you or a loved one suspect hearing loss issues or have been diagnosed with it, having a professional hearing screening performed can significantly improve the quality of your life as well as prevent future, serious damage from occurring.

Free hearing screenings are available locally in Savannah and can be scheduled here online.

Visit Beltone at 100 Commercial Ct. #A, Savannah, GA, 31406 or by calling 912-352-1000.

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