'A Day of Grace' held in Bluffton to remember hit and run victim

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The town of Bluffton came together Monday to celebrate 'A Day of Grace.'

Family and friends gathered at Bluffton High School to remember Grace Sulak, who was killed in a hit and run on Interstate 26 while returning from a track meet two years ago. The driver of the other vehicle was never identified. Grace was in middle school but ran track for Bluffton High.

"We know she's not here with us physically, but today is the day for what she stood for and believed in - kindness, kindness, kindness. At the age of 14, she showed more kindness and love than some people do their entire life," said Kristen Sulak, Grace's mother.

"It's not just about our daughter, Grace. It's about showing grace out in the world, whether it's a smile to a stranger; you don't know whether you've just changed their day or looking up and seeing a new student who knows no one and calling them over to your table and asking them to join you," said Heidi Hanson, Grace's mother.

May River High School also held a walk in Grace's memory on Monday. Several schools in the Bluffton area have raised and donated money to the 'Amazing Grace Sulak Scholarship Fund' over the last two years.

"Grace Sulak lived every day of her 14 years showing grace and kindness to everyone who crossed her path," said Mayor Lisa Sulka, Bluffton.

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