Family of Ricky Boyd wants case turned over to FBI

Family of Ricky Boyd wants case turned over to FBI

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The attorney for the family of Ricky Boyd - the Savannah man shot and killed by police in January - says they are tired of waiting for answers.

Attorney Will Claiborne is issuing an ultimatum, calling for District Attorney Meg Heap to hand the investigation over to the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI.

The deadline Claiborne has set is Tuesday at 4 p.m. He says the deadline is mainly to get answers sooner than later, pointing to the fact that very little has been released to the family by investigators over the last 100 or so days. Making a case for his concern over the quality of the investigation, Claiborne gave us copies of written correspondence between Heap and his office. In a letter to his office dated April 27, Heap says in part, 'As part of that process, it is paramount that we present any and all evidence which may be available related to the circumstances surrounding the case.' She continues, 'Recently, you have made assertions through interviews and a video released to the media regarding evidence in your possession.' Heap says by this letter, she is 'requesting that you provide my office with any and all evidence in your possession or knowledge,' so the grand jury will have all the facts while reviewing Ricky Boyd's death, 'especially that relating to any witness or evidence which is not currently known to the state, if you believe such exists.'

Claiborne says he gave up the information Heap was looking for in the letter and fired back a letter dated May 4, saying in part, 'That the state is not in possession of this photograph speaks volumes as to the investigation performed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).' Claiborne takes it a step further, continuing to question the bb gun police say Boyd had that was found at the scene. He says, 'Your letter also fails to request our assistance in another crime which may have been committed. If a Savannah police officer or GBI oath by public officer, and tampering with evidence.' He continues by saying, 'We have no indication or confidence that this potential crime is being investigated, and the GBI is certainly not the appropriate agency to investigate it.'

"At this stage, we'd like for the FBI to pick up the case where it is right now and conduct whatever investigation they think would be appropriate, investigating all of the potential crimes that may have occurred the morning of Jan. 23," Claiborne said. "However many officers there were who shot Ricky, I'll guarantee you, those officers names are on witness lists right now, where the district attorney will be relying on those officers for convictions in other, completely unrelated cases. It just simply asks too much of a local district attorney to investigate officers upon whose testimony they rely."

Claiborne didn't say what recourse he would take if the DA didn't meet his demand.

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