Hurricane Preparedness Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - National Hurricane Preparedness Week continues.

Tuesday's topic is "assemble disaster supplies".

The best advice I have for you is to assemble your kit early – well before a tropical system threatens your area. Having a well-stocked, organized, supply kit can make the time before, during and after a natural disaster go a lot smoother.

Hurricane Prep Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies
Hurricane Prep Week: Assemble Disaster Supplies

The Basics

Food and water are essential. When packing food, non-perishables are the way to go. Crackers, packaged cooked tuna packets, granola bars, trail-mix, etc. are examples of foods that will fill you up and last through the entirety of the event.

Ensure that you have a gallon of water, per-person, per-day for every person in your party. Remember water for pets, too.

Sources of Information

While weather reports are vital before and during a tropical system, it is also important to have access to official updates after it has passed. Have a battery-operated Radio, NOAA Weather Radio or charged smart-phone to remain updated. The WTOC Weather and News Apps are both free and easy-to-download sources of information.

Things to think about

Aside from food, water, and information – cash is king. If the damage is minor, stores may reopen to a limited degree in the days immediately following tropical weather. Stores may not have working credit systems while the power is out, and ATM's may not be working. By carrying cash, you'll be able to buy additional supplies after a storm strikes.

Electricity services can be down for several days, sometimes weeks, after a storm passes. By having board games and other activities ready to go, the time spent without power will be more bearable; especially if you have small children.

Store items in a place that is unlikely to be affected by the elements; preferably a water-proof container that is easy to access. Have copies of important documents, like insurance papers and photographs, within your hurricane supply kit or another designated safe spot.

By building a hurricane supply kit while following the suggestions above, the process of riding out a storm and remaining safe in its aftermath will be much easier.

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