Liberty County Schools at risk of losing accreditation

LIBERTY CO., GA (WTOC) - The Liberty County School System's accrediation has been changed to "under review" following a three-year investigation of school board governance issues.

The district remains fully accredited, but they are now straddling a dangerous line. They could potentially lose their accreditation altogether if they don't improve.

The Savannah Chatham County Public School Board is under a similar investigation, but their accreditation remains unchanged even though they are still under investigation. However, Liberty County Schools is now under the probationary status: "Accreditation Under Review."

Like Savannah Chatham Chatham Public Schools, Liberty County Schools is in violation of the same accreditation performance standards. After a three-year investigation, Advanc-Ed notified the district this week saying the school board has not been adhering to policies that support system effectiveness.

They are also not adhering to a code of ethics nor functioning within defined roles and responsibilities.

The school board has been given a list of improvement priorities. This includes adhering to board policies, like their code of ethics and conflict of interest policies.

They should hold board meetings that are in accordance with Georgia Open Meetings Act. They need to develop and implement continuous board governance training and professional development.

The board is expected to make progress in all of these areas. If they do not, they could potentially lose their accreditation altogether. Advanc-Ed will conduct another review of the district before October. WTOC will continue to follow this and keep you updated.

You can read the entire accreditation report that was released on the Liberty County School Investigation on our education here:

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