U.S. Military partnering with local entities for Operation Health Care

U.S. Military partnering with local entities for Operation Health Care
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Starting Thursday, our U.S. Military, St. Joseph's Candler, and Georgia Southern University will be providing no-cost healthcare to the community.

This is being treated as a real deployment for the military as part of their training. Almost 500 soldiers are deployed right here to Savannah for their training, but it's not only disaster training for them. It means health care for the under-insured or non-insured.

"We are preparing not only to assist locally but for deployment," said Lt. Col. Andrew Magnet, Mission Officer in Charge. We are getting ready for anything that we are called to do."

That's to serve. For the next nine days, different areas in Savannah will be treated as disaster sites so the men and women in the military can get the training they need while also helping people right here in the city.

"The training is pretty much the setting up of the operations and breaking them down so that we can take these operations anywhere in the world," said Chief Daniel Vanzego, U.S. Navy.

Those operations include medical care, dental services, vision services where people will even be able to get glasses, and we can't forget about the fur babies, so even veterinary services too.

This is also the first time the U.S. Military has been able to partner with other local organizations to execute their readiness training.

"If there is a disaster or something that we need to assist with in the future, we know our phone numbers now and what each person is capable of doing and that takes a cut in the time for response."

While many think the military deploys and just goes overseas to fight battles, now you know they do way more, like provide health care to those less fortunate.

"This is going to be a mission that we will come away saying, 'Wow, this is what I signed up for.'

"It's very rewarding for us, and just to provide quality health care to our local community, we are all excited about it. We are ready to work hard and just really give back to our communities."

The services will May 10-18 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m, at the Savannah Civic Center, Georgia Southern University - Armstrong Campus, Garden City Recreational Department, or Savannah State University.

For more information, call 912.819.5300.

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