McIntosh County still struggling with Hurricane Irma damage

MCINTOSH CO., GA (WTOC) - Ten months ago, we all braced for Hurricane Irma as she headed our way.

She brought rain and winds like few storms we've seen. In some ways, it doesn't feel like it's been 10 months since Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in McIntosh County, but in other ways, it feels like an eternity.

The Everson home looks dramatically different from when we visited a week after Irma had dumped tons of water, marsh rack, and more.

"Irma had a Southeast wind about 70 miles-per-hour. It was blowing directly toward me, brought everything out of the ocean into this yard and into this house," said hurricane victim, Robert Everson.

The Eversons moved back into the house in February. The county itself saw damage as well.

"We had several county buildings damaged. We're still in the process of repairing some of those facilities," said Ty Poppell, McIntosh County EMA.

Wednesday afternoon, FEMA granted the county's appeal for more money to fix the washout that threatened the street. Poppell says the county paid some repairs out of pocket and wait for reimbursement while others have to wait until the feds send the fund.

Many people share two thoughts on Irma. They'd never seen a storm like that ever before, and they hope they never see one again.

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