Sheriff: "Bizarre, creepy" murder investigation ongoing in Effingham County

Sheriff: "Bizarre, creepy" murder investigation ongoing in Effingham County

EFFINGHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The Effingham County Sheriff's Office arrested and charged a man with murder nearly a year after deputies found burned, dismembered body parts, but Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie said Wednesday the investigation is far from over.

Jamison Lemons disappeared in 2017, but the sheriff's office just received DNA test results confirming the body parts found inside a home on Lanier White Road in June 2017 belonged to 28-year-old Lemons. Deputies charged the man living in the home, 25-year-old Justin Jammison, with murder and concealing a death.

"This has been a bizarre, creepy investigation since the beginning of it," Sheriff McDuffie told WTOC exclusively Wednesday. "It's different, I can say that. It's entirely different from any that we've done in the past."

McDuffie said Jammison's arrest brings the case closer to a close but said investigators are still working to learn more, like how Lemons' died.

"Basically nothing is off limits," he said. "We're looking for more evidence. We're looking for more people if there's somebody else involved in it. Just the whole gambit of the entire investigation is still, you might say it's a fluid investigation cause anything could change from day-to-day. We're still looking, and I don't mean to be morbid, but we're still looking for more body parts if we can find more. So there's still a lot left to do and go through before we actually go to trial."

He's not sure where that trial will happen either. Then Metro Police originally started a missing person investigation in Savannah thinking that's where Lemons disappeared, but investigators later found out he was last seen at home in Effingham County.

With two agencies in two places involved, McDuffie's not sure where Jammison gets prosecuted, but he said it is a joint investigation.

"If it comes down to actually being tried in Effingham County, we'll use some of the evidence that comes out of Savannah, I'm sure, in the trial," McDuffie said.

On average in Effingham County, McDuffie said it takes about two years for a case to go to trial after deputies make a homicide arrest.

In the meantime, he's asking anyone who knows anything to come forward and help them close this case.

"That's what helps us do our job," McDuffie said. "There's more information out there. We know that. Somebody knows about it, and if they'd come forward with it, it would help us greatly."

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