Good News: Wexler honored with Life Well Lived Award

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - When local Veterans get to experience an Honor Flight, it is usually Colonel Ed Wexler's honor to provide them that opportunity.

"We continue to take veterans from the World War II, Korea, and Vietnam eras up to Washington, D.C. for free so they can see all the war memorials that were built in their honor,'' Col. Wexler said. "It's a three-day trip back and forth to Washington, and we just completed a very successful one this past weekend.''

Colonel Wexler has been helping make those trips happen for more than a decade, including two years as board chair for Honor Flight Savannah. In that time, he has seen the impact visiting the nation's capital has had on many veterans.

"A lot of these veterans are reticent about even signing on to take this trip,'' Col. Wexler said "They feel their time in service wasn't necessarily remarkable or dangerous, but once they get amongst other veterans and get that opportunity to exchange a little bit about themselves and what they did in the military and after the military, they really open up and develop some great friendships. Just to listen to some of the stories is a fabulous experience.''

After enriching so many lives through the Honor Flight Program, Colonel Wexler is being honored with one of the first Life Well Lives Awards, which will be presented by Senior Citizens Incorporated on Friday for the first time at the Leaders, Legends, and Life Well Lived Luncheon at The Landings Plantation Club.

"It is obviously a tremendous honor,'' he said. "I thought to myself, 'am I really deserving of an honor as this?' But in the title of Life Well Lived, I think that is something I try to do on a daily basis, trying to give things back to the community since I retired from the military.''

Honor Flight Savannah arranges two trips per year to Washington, D.C., providing the experience of a lifetime to about 50 veterans each year.

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