Hurricane Preparedness Week: Is your neighbor prepared?

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Is your neighbor prepared?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Friday is the second-to-last day of National Hurricane Preparedness Week and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration asks you to remember your neighbor during hurricane season.

While you may have accurate sources of weather information - WTOC-TV, and the WTOC Weather App – people around you may not.

Through hurricane season, check on neighbors and loved ones who don't have easy access to important weather information. If a storm threatens your area, alert them to the risk and, if able, assist them in preparing.

Your best bet - a survival kit organized before hurricane season even starts.

If your loved one suffers from a medical condition requiring medication, they may need an extra supply if a storm strikes.

Help is also beneficial after a storm. Removing debris and getting things "back to normal" can be an extremely strenuous task that may be made even harder as summer heat sets in behind a departing storm.

Be neighborly this hurricane season. Keep an eye on those at-risk as you would your own family.

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