Playing for Mom on Tybee Island

Playing for Mom on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - It wasn't just any other day at the beach for the Jones sisters, Landon and Logan.

Landon, a rising sophomore volleyball player at Georgia Southern, and Logan, a rising sophomore for the Savannah Christian Raiders, teamed up for the Beach Bum Open on Tybee Island for the very first time Saturday.

"We'll see. I mean, we communicate pretty well," Landon laughs. "I don't think we'll fight, but we'll see how it goes."

So why did Landon and Logan pick this weekend to make their sister act debut?

Well, because their mom wanted them to.

The mom in this case is Savannah Christian head volleyball coach Julie Jones, who spent her Mother's Day weekend watching her two daughters play the game all three share.

"It was my idea," Julie admits. "But they didn't argue with me a bit. I think they liked it."

"That's all she wanted," Logan laughs. "Hopefully, we'll make her happy."

Landon and Logan's first go as a team didn't go poorly. The duo split their round robin matches before losing in the semifinals in a three-set match.

For Julie, it wasn't so much about seeing her girls winning as it was seeing them together.

"I would love nothing more than to be out here all day watching my girls play. So I hope that they do well. I think they can," she says. "If it ends early, then I'm still going to have a great day. It's still two of my favorite things: the beach and volleyball with my family. It doesn't get much better."