Operation: Empower Health brings no-cost medical care to Chatham County

GARDEN CITY, GA (WTOC) - The fifth day of an initiative focused on bringing medical services to people in the greater Savannah area wrapped up on Sunday, but not before it brought dental, vision, medical, and even veterinary services to thousands of people.

One military officer said that people have been lining up for services at around 7:30 every morning and each day has been very successful.

"We have the Army, the Air Force, Navy and we have active and reserve forces in those components," said U.S. Navy Chief Daniel Vanzego. "So we are all here to provide medical optometry and vet services."

Officials encourage the public to come to one of the four sites and get a no-cost checkup. You can find the locations and more details about the program here.

"We are all excited," said Vanzego. "This is my second IRT. I did one last year and it's very rewarding to all of us just to provide quality healthcare to our local community."

City officials say this is what the City of Savannah needs

"We go across the city and we see so many needy situations and so many people who are underinsured or uninsured and who just can't afford the basic health needs," said Carol Bell with the City. "It's the beginning of new things in the community because after this, I'm sure these partnerships won't end."

This operation goes every day until the 18th of May. Services begin at 8 in the morning and they check in the last patient at 4 pm.

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