South Carolina natives concerned about offshore drilling

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - South Carolina natives are expressing concerns about conventional and chemical weapons that were supposedly dumped off into the Atlantic Coast in the 1900s.

Five of those are along the South Carolina coast, according to the Department of Defense. Local leaders are calling for research to prove that seismic airgun blasts will not put their coastal communities at risk.

The town of Port Royal says their main concern is the seismic surveys could possibly disturb toxic chemical radioactive waste. They say all they have gotten are simple responses from seismic survey supporters that don't really tell them anything about the type of impact it could have on the community, so they are calling for research to guarantee the safety of their coastal waters. They say they are afraid the disturbance of a seismic survey could also start leaking chemicals into the marine food chain. They are also concerned that the government does not know where all of the unexplored weapons are in the oceans because there is a possibility they could have shifted after over seven decades.

"If you do that, oh, guarantee that you will disturb the industry with them in their local environment and you can guarantee that you'll have explosions. We agree with the Department of Defense, leave them alone. Do not have any risk of disturbing them with their seismic testing," said Frank Knapp, Jr., Small Business Chamber of Commerce, CEO.

They say there's no benefit to this area except that the seismic industry will profit and make billions.

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