Savannah drivers spending more on gas than last summer

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Most gas prices in and around the Savannah area are below the national average according to Triple-A.

With temperatures going up and the summer season fast approaching, drivers say their gas receipts will reap the consequences.

In the month of May, gas prices have risen the most for 2018 in the state of Georgia. Today, Savannah averages at $2.75. Triple-A says with more drivers on the roads, there are higher demands in crude oil. Compared to this time last year, the average driver is spending seven more dollars on each tank of gas.

Now, Triple-A says prices could start to stabilize after Memorial Day weekend. Charles Hudson of Hinesville comes in and out of Savannah daily. He says this could be the worst summer for gas prices in a long time.

"I mean, it's been reasonable considering the traffic and commuting here and there," Hudson said. "The prices have been reasonable, but this summer here we can see it's going to be a disaster."

Gas prices in our area are normal or low compared to the rest of the country, but compared to last May, gas prices are up by half a dollar. Click here to find the best gas prices.

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