Recycling list changes for Atlantic Waste Services customers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some plastics and glass are now off the list of accepted recyclable materials for customers of Atlantic Waste Services. The changes went into effect May 1.

Instead of making a comeback into the marketplace, glass and plastics with the numbers 3-7 on them coming from Atlantic Waste customers in Effingham County, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Thunderbolt and Tybee - are heading to the landfill. This is a trend likely being seen around the country, and Atlantic Waste's VP Ben Wall says it all comes down to money.

"China used to take the majority of the material, and they would sort through it," Wall said.

At the turn of the year, China stopped accepting recyclable materials from western countries, including U.S. companies, largely due to the lack of quality materials coming in. Essentially, the cost was outweighing the benefit of having to sort through America's garbage.

"They got tired of being a secondary landfill for the United States, so they cut all recycling coming into the country out," Wall explained. "It's shifted the market to only the stuff that has the highest value is recyclable now."

Wall says they still encourage people to recycle the accepted items.

Here is a list of each item:

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