Georgia farmers welcome the rain

BULLOCH CO., GA (WTOC) - Rains this week might have canceled your round of golf or trip to the beach, but farmers could not be happier to see the showers.

Farmers see dark gloomy clouds like the old U.S. Calvary rolling in to save the day. Irrigation pivots took a breather this week as showers came.

David Cromley says they've seen just short of three inches of rain. That's bolstered the peanuts that have just started to peak through the ground and give them moisture to start growing above ground and sprouting peanuts in the ground. He says he's two weeks behind on planting 2,500 acres of cotton due to dry conditions. The rain will help him get started and avoid a high stakes gamble.

"You've got a hard decision to make. Are you going to try and plant it in dry dirt and plant it shallow if you do get a hard rain? Because cotton is a little more finicky," Cromley said.

The later you plant cotton, the more risk you run of frost killing the plants in the fall. The sooner he sees cotton plants sprouting like the peanuts, the better.

David says, even with some showers this weekend, they can get out in the fields Monday to plant the rest of their crop.

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