Uncasing ceremony held at Ft. Stewart for soldiers returning from Afghanistan

Uncasing ceremony held at Ft. Stewart for soldiers returning from Afghanistan

FORT STEWART (WTOC) - It was a special day at Ft. Stewart for many of the soldiers who have recently returned from Afghanistan.

There was a lot to celebrate Friday as members of the 3rd ID were recognized and honored for the nine months they served in Afghanistan.

"We have been serving as a U.S. Forces Afghanistan Headquarters, primarily providing and equipping the U.S. forces in Afghanistan," said Mag. Gen. Leo Quintas.

Family and friends gathered for the official uncasing ceremony where soldiers uncased the unit colors which signifies their return.

"It's been a very busy nine months, a lot of change, a lot of forward progress that I'm very optimistic about, the campaign, and we're also very, very happy to be back after having transitioned our mission," Maj. Gen. Quintas said.

Many soldiers were also recognized and awarded for their achievements and accomplishments.

The ceremony also included the addition of a new streamer that they added to their flag, symbolizing their administrative achievements during their 2012 deployment to Afghanistan.

"As I look back on the 100 years of history of this great Marne Division, words alone cannot describe the pride that I have for our dogface soldiers today, both here and across the globe, for their amazing performance these last nine months," Maj. Gen. Quintas said.

It was a day to celebrate where they've gone, where they're going, and most importantly, where they are now - which is home.

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