Details on Megan Markle's royal wedding dress

Details on Megan Markle's royal wedding dress
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The royal wedding is happening now and one thing that a lot of people are talking about is Megan Markle's wedding gown.

When American brides typically go wedding dress shopping, they can pick anything from a low cut dress to a ballgown, and the latest trend is to have light pinks, blues, and greys. Megan Markle has an entirely different set of rules to play by when figuring out her gown.

The Royals have long purse strings, but the dress couldn't be more than $400,000 since that's close to the budget for Kate's dress. Since Kate is the future Queen, Meghan's dress can't upstage it. The dress also can't be so simple that its easy to duplicate either.

"First, obviously he or she has to keep in mind obviously the modesty rules and all of the criteria they have to have to have a royal wedding gown," said Kaitlynn Thayer with Modern Trousseau. "And I think the other part of it is making it different enough from what Kate wore in order to not upstage, but still be able to compare it."

In all, the six-figure dress can't show too much skin, must have style, not outdo Kate's, gets the Queen's approval, and wows her future husband is why so many people are looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

Keep in mind, the wedding dress industry is also paying close attention to what the dress will look like.

"When Kate got married, I think we slowly saw that shift to sleeves and a little bit of lace here and there," said Thayer. "That kind of carried over for seasons to come so I think whatever Meghan is planning on wearing is going to fade over into the next few seasons."

There will be some dress designers who try to copy Megan Markle's wedding dress, but wedding dress experts say it's more likely that whatever is unique to her dress, you'll quickly start seeing those elements in dresses as soon as this summer.

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