CNT discusses bi-monthly report

CNT discusses bi-monthly report
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CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - CNT saw some big wins in March and April, perhaps most notably a bust that pulled millions of dollars worth of cocaine off the streets, along with cash and guns.

One stat struck a chord with at least one commissioner. Out of 39 arrests in March and April, 36 were repeat offenders.

8th District Commissioner Chester Ellis asked, 'They go in, they serve two years, three years, five years. When they come out they go right back to doing the same thing, so is there any way, anywhere in the law that we can move over to the federal side...?'

It's a problem not lost on CNT Director Everett Ragan, who pointed out after his presentation that recently they arrested someone with 16 prior arrests, seven of those by CNT on drug charges. Ragan says that has law enforcement looking at cases against suspected criminals a little differently, especially when it comes to building cases that reach federal guidelines.

"Even if it's a small amount of drugs, then if they have a weapon and they're prior convicted felons, then you have Ceasefire so they're under the federal system."

Ragan points out in most cases, federal charges means more time behind bars and off the streets.

"It keeps those people off our streets for a lot longer. As you know, there's no parole in the federal system. You go in, you're gonna do 85-percent of the time."

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