All about the present for BC baseball

All about the present for BC baseball

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Benedictine Cadets know exactly where they stand: two wins from the program's third state championship.

But for this BC team, it's not about the past.

Look around Brian Parker Field and you'll see a lot of things, just not any mention of Benedictine's two previous state champs. The Cadets won the state baseball title in 1961 and 2014, but there's no record of that visible for any of the current team.

Head coach Kevin Farmer says that's by design.

"It's not about the past. These guys know what happened. They know what has happened here in the past, as well as at other schools," Farmer says. "I just decided we're not going to talk about 2014. We're going to talk about 2018. What's going to happen? What mark are you going to leave? That's something we've focused on this year."

Despite the lack of record, many on this Cadets team remember the 2014 state championship. They weren't on the team, but knew many of that squad's players.

This current batch of BC baseballers say they hope to match what those who came before them accomplished.

"I think it'd be an awesome experience. Knowing those guys and hearing the stories from them, and how it was for them, I'd love to experience that," says senior LHP Walker Barlow. "Especially with it being in Savannah and having all the fans there, I think it'll be awesome."

The best of three series against Berrien begins Monday night at 5:00 at historic Grayson Stadium.