'Hands Across the Border' kicks off ahead of busy travel season

GEORGIA (WTOC) - Law enforcement officers across the state of Georgia are gearing up for the busy highway travel season.

They kicked off 'Hands Across the Border' on Monday - a campaign aimed at keeping you safe on the roads.

Troopers are reaching out to other states that border Georgia for help. The idea is to try to reduce the number of highway fatalities as the summer break gets started. Officers will be looking for distracted drivers, speeders, seatbelt violations, and of course, impaired drivers.

"We want these numbers to come down for not the sake of numbers. Numbers represent a family whose life has been turned upside down. 'I need you to come identify someone you know who has been killed.' It happens all too often. It happens a lot during this busy summer season," said Harris Blackwood, Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

They also think it's important for drivers in other states to learn about Georgia's new "hands-free" law that takes effect on July 1.

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