From 'deportation bus' to caricatures, GA gubernatorial candidates launched controversial ad campaigns

From 'deportation bus' to caricatures, GA gubernatorial candidates launched controversial ad campaigns

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's not political season without high-profile advertisements, but the advertisements in 2018's Georgia GOP primary for governor seem to be cut from a different cloth.

Whether it's Michael Williams' controversial "deportation bus," which spawned protests across the state in towns it visited, or Clay Tippens and Hunter Hill's ads that featured SNL-like caricatures of their opponents, there's been no shortage of shock and awe.

"It used to be pride. It used to be I wouldn't hit below the belt," said one Chatham County voter.

One of the ads that sparked attention came from Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp. As Kemp asserted his authority in the video by pointing the gun at the teenager, the ad did not go over well for some following several school shootings and a renewed debate over gun control.

"That was horrible. Not terrible. Horrible," one local voter said.

Another agreed and said, "It was deplorable. You got kids in Parkland and Texas who have died. That's a slap in somebody's parents' face that have lost their child."

Other voters say political ads like those from candidates Clay Tippens and Hunter Hill, turned into Saturday Night Live skits. They believe this is all a result of a new expressive leadership under President Trump.

"The White House set the tone. He set the tone and they came out of the woodwork," they said.

WTOC posted several of these controversial advertisements in a poll for feedback. Most comments condemned Michael Williams for his deportation bus campaign ad. Others approved with 'That was actually a stroke of genius. It generated a lot of publicity.' And...'We need more people like this to help Pres. Trump get Illegal Immigration under control. Hope he wins.'

While the primary race was full of angry comments and conversation at the polls, it's the final tally of votes that decides who will take the next seat in the capital.

If you missed the ads during the primary, watch some below and tell us your impressions on our Facebook page:

Michael Williams: Deportation Bus

Brian Kemp: Second Amendment Rights:

Clay Tippens: Bang!:

Hunter Hill: Ready to Serve Again:

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