Stacey Abrams wins Democratic primary for GA governor

GEORGIA (WTOC) - The race for governor filled the airwaves with some of the most dramatic and - at least for the Republicans - hard-line conservative campaign ads that we've ever seen here in Georgia.

In a season of unpredictable elections, this one went as expected. The Republicans are headed for a runoff. Meanwhile, Democrat Stacey Abrams won in a landslide.

On the Republican side, Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are headed to a runoff. Cagle has gotten just under 40 percent of the vote. Kemp has received about 26 percent. Hunter Hill came in third with 18 percent of the vote, and Michael Williams, despite the publicity from that controversial deportation bus, only got about five percent of the vote. The runoff for Kemp and Cagle will be on July 24.

On the Democratic side, it was a landslide. Stacey Abrams got more than 70 percent of the vote over Stacy Evans. Abrams would be the first female and African American governor in Georgia's history. She is also looking to become the first Democrat to win since Roy Barnes won in 1998. Tuesday, she addressed her supporters and even those who voted for Evans, saying they all need to show up and vote to win in November.

"We need every voice in our party and every independent thinker in the state of Georgia. We need us all to be energized, and we need to be side by side so we can succeed. I hope that you will all join us in our fight for the future," Abrams said.

Here's the reason for that charge to the Democratic base: About 500,000 Republican voters cast ballots for the five nominees. Only 360,00 voters cast ballots for the Democrats. Abrams was the top vote-getter today. She beat Cagle by about 100,000 votes.

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