City of Hardeeville could soon ban plastic bags

HARDEEVILLE, SC (WTOC) - The city of Hardeeville could soon be banning plastic bags. The idea has been in the works for months now.

The mayor says City Council didn't get enough community input when they introduced the possibility of the ban, so they have something a little more convenient now - an online survey.

Mayor Harry Williams says they introduced the survey to the community to get a better idea of how they feel about the ban.

"Not only the residents but also the businesses so that we can make a more informed decision about what the community feels about it," Mayor Williams said.

He says the ban will be a cost for the businesses and a change for residents. While some are okay with it, others say the plastic is more convenient.

"If they want to stop it and start with paper bags, that would be fine with me," said Albertha Scott Brown, Hardeeville.

"I will. I would rather keep them. Don't nobody want no brown bags," another resident said.

That's why there is a survey containing questions ranging from which store you shop at the most to how much you know about the dangers of plastic bags to the environment.

"We will review the survey and we will take a look at the dynamics of the survey because, oftentimes, you don't get the full range of the community," the mayor said.

Mayor Williams says it's not a factor of how many no's and how many yes's there are, it's more about the types of answers they receive. They almost received a "no" for the whole idea when lawmakers tried to make it a law for multiple municipalities to not be able to ban the bags. It was killed on May 9.

"I'm very happy about it. I think that this decision belongs right here at the local level. That's what home rules are all about," Mayor Williams said. "We are a coastal region and that has a whole different environmental impact of what we are discussing here, so the decision, in my opinion, deserves to stay right here so I am very happy that that did not advance in the state legislature."

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