Boyd family silent after grand jury decision

Boyd family silent after grand jury decision
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CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Since April, the family of Ricky Boyd has been calling for the bodycam video of when he was shot and killed by police to be released.

The footage is consistent with the details released in the grand jury's findings, but what's inconsistent is that the statements documented by the family immediately following the shooting do not match what the family has been saying over the last six weeks.

It's been four months since 20-year-old Ricky Boyd was shot and killed by police, but it was only six weeks ago that Boyd's family broke their silence. Boyd's grandmother, Mattie Wallace, sat down with WTOC's David Klugh, calling for police to release the footage.

David Klugh: "You've seen this footage?"

Wallace: "Yes."

DK: "Is it body camera footage?"

Wallace: "Yes."

DK: "Does it hold up to what you're telling me here today?"

Wallace: "Yes."

Mattie Wallace was among several immediate family members who say the GBI showed them the body camera footage right after the shooting. WTOC's Elizabeth Rawlins sat down with Boyd's mother, Jameilla Smiley, who described what she saw.

"He has his hands out and then he turns towards his left to some more officers. When he makes that turn again, his hands are still out and he's immediately shot and you see him falling straight to the ground," Smiley said.

A Chatham County grand jury reviewed that video this week and decided the shooting was justified. The video was made public Wednesday immediately after the ruling, and it validates the grand jury's report.

Boyd takes a shooter's stance with both hands pointing initially in the direction of law enforcement. From the video, it's unclear what he has in his hands, however, it can be seen that he is holding something that is consistent in size and shape of a gun.

According to the body camera video, it's possible that Boyd's grandmother saw the same thing because of what she's caught saying on the video just minutes after the shooting.

"Why he did that, y'all? Why he did that? Can't anyone give me an answer? All he had to do was raise his hands."

That doesn't correlate with what she said to WTOC in April.

"I heard someone say, 'he's got a gun,' and I said, 'don't shoot, he don't have no gun."

Thursday, the family declined doing an on-camera interview to talk about the discrepancies in their story and the evidence that was released, but Boyd's mother told us she believes the body camera video that the GBI originally showed her is not the video that has been released publicly. She told us she realizes that the information now released makes it look like they've been lying.

The family's attorney, Will Claiborne, held a news conference, giving only a brief statement, but refused to answer any questions.

Claiborne: "Thank you for coming. I'm going to get back to work."

WTOC: "Will? Will you take some questions? Now seeing the video, do you think the family was not being trustworthy with you? Will?"

The district attorney accused Will Claiborne of being reckless in this case. We made another attempt to get some answers from Mr. Claiborne, including what his response to her comment, but he declined our request.

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