City officials react to aftermath of Ricky Boyd shooting death

City officials react to aftermath of Ricky Boyd shooting death
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CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - We've heard from many sides concerning the Ricky Boyd deadly shooting case. Now, we're hearing from the city of Savannah.

The mother of Ricky Boyd spoke to City Council not too long ago. Now, after the grand jury sent their decision that the police shooting was justified, council members are speaking out.

Van Johnson tells us he took off his councilman hat for a minute and just responded the way he thinks many are, which is finding answers to questions we raised four months ago.

"Well, I had questions, I mean..."

For the last four months, the city says they've had questions. They said Wednesday night, the grand jury gave them those answers.

"It takes time. You have to wait out the process. You have to do the process. Whenever you're so caught up in it, especially a mother who has lost a son, sometimes it's hard to get there," said Savannah Mayor, Eddie DeLoach. "I feel like justice was done."

With a community that elected these officials and a police department working to protect them, Councilman Van Johnson says the balance relies on trusting one another.

"When something like this does happen, that there is trust in the police department. For us, we have to earn that trust and maintain that trust. When we have officers out there doing their job and doing it within the confines of the law, and they are doing it in a professional and respectful manner," Councilman Johnson said.

Mayor DeLoach is also looking forward, saying he hopes the community can get through this.

"I know it will be tough on that family and I'm truly sorry for that. I do want to look toward the police and tell them thank you for doing a professional job and I appreciate the grand jury and the DA for what they did for doing this in an orderly fashion," the mayor said.

After holding their tongues for four months now, those officials say they are happy to be moving forward but are thinking of the families and friends this has impacted.

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