EF-0 tornado passes through Screven, GA

SCREVEN, GA (WTOC) - A short-lived EF-0 tornado formed near Screven, GA, around 6:15 Thursday evening near Burch Farms and Dixie Road.

There are no reports of any injuries but there are reports of trees down with one falling on a car. There are also reports that a couple of sheds or homes may have been damaged.

Brooke Gravley recorded the video over a field outside Screven.

The National Weather Service categorized it as an EF-0. Those carry winds of 65 to 85 miles per hour.

"I was actually sending a co-worker a Snapchat of the rain because we'd been talking about the weather before. And I still had my phone in my hand when my mama said "Look, a tornado,'" Gravley said.

It disappeared as quickly as it came. She says a separate one took down these trees and pulled off the roof of this shed. The debris shows just how strong and sudden a tornado can be at any level.

Gravley is just grateful nobody got hurt.

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