Bug Fest brings insect education to Savannah Children's Museum

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Saturday, people heading to the Savannah Children's Museum got the chance to explore and learn about insects at Bug Fest.
The event had arts and crafts, workshops, activities, and even a bug-eating contest.

Sarah Hempen, one of Bug Fest's organizers, said the event was a great way for some to overcome their fears by getting up close and personal with the bugs.

"Bugs and insects are so important to our ecosystem, a lot of people are scared of bugs and their first instinct is to kill them. And really we should be embracing these guys. Insects are actually the largest class in the animal kingdom. We have 800 thousand species over 800 thousand species of insects. So, it's really important to embrace these guys," said Hempen.

There were many other organizations that took part in educating the community today, including the Savannah Bee Company, Savannah Termite and Pest Control, and GSU's Armstrong Entomology club.

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