Savannah law enforcement patrolling land and water over holiday weekend

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Memorial Day weekend is in full effect, which means that law enforcement is out in full force. The Department of Natural Resources is also stressing safety throughout the weekend.

Officers say that they'll be cracking down on the usual charges, such as those not wearing seatbelts, or drinking and driving. But they are also on the hunt for anyone who is distracted while driving.

"Well I checked the jail when I left a few minutes ago and we have openings," said Sheriff McDuffy. "So the vacancy is there if they wanna go to jail. I hope we don't have to use any of that but it's there if they need it."

Sheriff Wilcher of Chatham County expressed a similar opinion, saying "We will be out working with Chatham County police department. I have 16 of my officers will helping them make sure the county is safe. We will also be working with the city of Savannah and the different municipalities."

As the sheriffs and their staff work to maintain order on the roads, officials with the Department of Natural Resources will patrol the waterways, looking for anyone who may be boating under the influence.

"When we look at the multitude of unfortunate boat accidents we've had over the past few years, those involve a few fatalities," said Jordan Crawford with the Department of Natural Resources. "The number one reason has been the overindulgence of alcohol."

Crawford also stresses that it is important to check and use the proper equipment before going out in the water.

"Make sure they've told someone where they're gonna put in, and where what time they are gonna take out, and what areas of the river or here in Chatham County, the ocean they are gonna be on," Crawford said. "So if there is an issue, we will know where to start looking for them."

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