Good News: American Legion Bar

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The American Legion Post 135 has a new addition. Their public bar was replaced by a new, more meaningful bar that people can enjoy.

It may look like a normal bar to some when they enter the doors to the American Legion on Bull Street, but it so so much more. The new bar top is filled with patches from members who have served our country.

"The first four days was just pulling the sewing strings out of every single patch so we didn't have random strings over everything, and kind of clearing them up," said Michael Williams, Sons of American Legion Commander.

Williams donated his time to make the bar that is now home to over 400 patches from different military branches.

"This was my honor to be able to do this. To give something back to a place that has helped me out so much in my life. Before this, it felt like I had not a whole lot of pride in my life and this is one thing that has helped me build a lot of pride in my life, as well, building this bar and helping it revitalize the building," Williams said.

The American Legion's mission is to help veterans throughout the community. The bar, ballroom, and the rest of the facility will help make that possible.

"You have to have funds and a bar gives us the ability to generate some income. It adds to the comradery piece, but it also, since we are open to the public, it gives us an opportunity to educate the public on what we do and give us a source of revenue," said Richard Noel, First District Adjutant American Legion, Georgia.

The legion has been saving for an elevator. They say it will take some time because they will still continue to give to causes such as USO, Honor Flight, and of course, help veterans.

The legion's bar is now open to the public. They hope people will come in and learn more about our veterans.

The American Legion is hosting raffles and other events to hopefully get the elevator and help veterans. For more information, click here. You can also visit Post 135's Facebook page here.

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