Hometown Hero--Shauntell Wilson

Shauntell Wilson
Shauntell Wilson

It was a terrible night for the Wilson family. It was 3am on a Saturday when Shauntell, 11, woke up and all she could see was flames.

"The fan right here, it was just all on fire and I was sleeping," she said. "I thought I was dreaming but I wiped my eyes and I realized I wasn't dreaming."

After she determined that this was not a dream, she pulled herself together and started waking up her family. "I woke my brother up," she said. "I was so scared that I forgot the fire emergency, what you are supposed to do so, I actually walked through the smoke."

She may have forgotten to crawl on the floor below the smoke, but she knew where she had go and what she had to do.

"I got my sister and I tried to wake her up and she thought I was dreaming because she was so tired," Shauntell said. "Finally she woke up and came in here and saw the fire and it was just flaming up."

All three children ran downstairs to wake up their mother and call for help. But it was Shauntell who made the difference in preventing the fire from becoming a real nightmare.

"I really do appreciate the fact that she woke up and just woke up everybody," mother Shante told us. "She did a very heroic thing and I was just very proud of her, very proud of her."

The Wilsons' home appears to be structurally sound and will be repaired, but thanks to this 11-year-old child, everyone got out safely.

That's why Shauntell Wilson is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com