Hometown Hero: Dr. Frank Davis

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Dr. Frank Davis has been making the region's most critically injured patients better for 24 years, meeting the community's most urgent of needs as a trauma surgeon at Memorial Health.

"A lot of our stories are not very happy at the beginning, but, hopefully, we can make them better," Dr. Davis said. "We're here in the middle of the night with the worst of the worst and sometimes the conditions are not optimal. people get shot, stabbed, car crashes of fall and our mission is to save a life and make it better. That's what trauma surgery is all about."

This week at Memorial has been about saying thank you to Dr. Davis, who is retiring after overseeing tremendous growth in Southeast Georgia's only Level 1 Trauma center.

He was one of two trauma surgeons when he started there in the early 1990's, but Memorial now has seven. And the number of trauma patients has tripled in that time.

"We used to see 1,100,'' Dr. Davis said, "now we're up to north of 3,200."

"That's tens of thousands of patients that have been treated, which means four or five times families affected,'' added Dr. Alvaro Fonseca. "Then, the training he has provided to all the nursing students and the therapists. So, when you look at it that way, that goes on forever."

But this WTOC Hometown Hero understands and is anxious to show, that his particular form of work doesn't go on forever.

"Trauma is a young man's sport," said Dr. Davis. "You're either pre-call, on-call or post-call most of your life. It's time to see how the normal people live out there."

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