Another school year in the books for WTOC's Top Teachers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It is always fun to present our WTOC Top Teacher awards in the classroom and to give them recognition for a job well done.

Recently, we invited all of this year's WTOC Top Teachers to a special luncheon and tour at the Georgia Ports, to talk about the honor and share some laughs.

Paula Swart from Savannah Day School said, "I was surprised because we don't get honored much, it's been my first award in 25 years, so be nice to me I'm the WTOC Top Teacher."

"It's just been such an honor and I felt like royalty. I would go into the BI-LO and everybody would say they saw me on TV. You hope you are reaching these young lives, but when somebody actually tells you that you are doing a good job that is worth it," said Cathy Stokes from Screven County Elementary School.

Kim Poppell from Jesup Elementary said "And I teach inclusion too. There are not many awards, or showcases they get to have academically but when they show up on the 6 o'clock news with Mr. Mike, They are calling him Mr. Mike, or just dropping the mister."

And humbling to see how our simple pat on the back can mean so much.

"That was the best thing when you put it online, and then my students got to see it and former students and put amazing things. I never knew how many people I have touched, so you just buoyed my spirits up," said Donna Antonucci from St. Vincent's Academy.

Melissa Watkins from Coastal Middle School said, "I feel like God gives me the most love every day and appreciate being here with you and thank you for your inspiration and remember we were on TV."

Estella Newkirt from Mattie Lively Elementary in Statesboro said, "It's a profession we don't do it for money, we do it because we love children, thank you for making me feel like you really get what we do.  And thanks again."  
Thank you for all you do, thank you for doing it for the children, and thank you for being WTOC Top Teachers.

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