Port Wentworth city attorney not going anywhere

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city attorney for Port Wentworth isn't going anywhere. That's the message delivered by the city's mayor in a special-called meeting held Thursday night.

The meeting was called in part because several council members confronted City Attorney James Coursey in a closed-door session a week ago asking for his resignation.

Last Thursday night, City Attorney James Coursey says he was asked to resign by several council members in what he recalled was an intimidating tone.

"When I refused, certain accusations were leveled against me by two members citing as good cause that I should be terminated. All were completely without merit or substance. Let me be very clear about that," Coursey said at the special-called meeting.

Having happened in a closed-door session, no one on council revealed what those accusations were. Coursey says he's not going to hold a grudge and will continue working with the city and staff.

Coursey said, "It's time for this city government, ladies and gentlemen, to come together and begin once again to operate as it was designed, as it was intended to work."

Council did accept the resignation of interim City Administrator Carter Crawford, just a week after he was appointed by council. The public also got to air some of their grievances, many calling for change and accountability.

"Right now, the City of Port Wentworth is the laughing stock of this county, and only because I know a whole lot of people around, and I sat down at Grayson Stadium Monday night and they were coming up to me one after one asking me, what in the he** is going on? So please, I beg you during this short period of time, work hard on getting this city right as best you can..." said former Port Wentworth Mayor Glenn "Pig" Jones.

Now that the matter of Coursey's employment with the city seems to be resolved, the search for an interim, and full-time city administrator now begins.

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