Could there be sex offenders in your neighborhood?

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Level three sex offender, Bobby Buckner, was arrested on Wednesday for staying at a residence other than what is specified on his sex offender registry.

Chatham County has more than 700 sex offenders, but only three are level three predators. Level three is the most dangerous rating listed on the sex offender registry.

"When you get to a level three, that's the most dangerous of them all," said Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher. "They're a predator. They prey on young kids. They prey on young adults."

Level three sex offenders are required to wear ankle monitors to capture their every step.

"We can ping that monitor wherever they're at," Wilcher explained.

For lower level offenders, the sheriff's office oversees predators through their website. Sex offenders are required to register their address every year, and law enforcement checks to make sure it's correct. The state requires this checkup once a year. The sheriff's office does that and more.

"We visit them four times a year instead of one time. I'm very interested in that because I want people in this community to be safe and think they're safe," Sheriff Wilcher said.

WTOC headed out into the community Thursday afternoon to see how many people are aware of just who their neighbors are. Mothers and fathers in both Daffin Park and Lake Mayer Park entered their zip codes into the mobile website and were astonished.

One man found 8-10 sexual predators in his neighborhood alone. Another woman says she checked the website when she moved to the area and there were not any predators listed in her neighborhood. She checked again Thursday and found a listed sex offender at the end of her street.

All of the community members WTOC interviewed said they will be utilizing the sheriff's website moving forward, especially when moving to a new neighborhood.

As law enforcement works to protect Chatham County's surroundings, they ask the community to do their due diligence and check in on this website to be aware of your surroundings.

If you have any questions or concerns about a sex offender nearby, you can reach the Chatham County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registration and Tracking Unit at 912.562.7668.

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