Historic Hurricanes: A Lowcountry timeline

Coastal Empire & Lowcountry - The past two Atlantic hurricane seasons, 2016 and 2017, featured numerous tropical weather impacts across the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

Three of the most significant hurricanes to directly impact the WTOC Viewing Area are the Hurricane of 1893 (Sea Islands Hurricane), the Hurricane of 1940 (1940 South Carolina Hurricane) and Hurricane Gracie (1959).

"This 1893 storm is still the fifth-most deadly storm in the United States of America. So, it's sort of forgotten, but incredibly important."

All three hurricanes produced significant storm tides along the Georgia and South Carolina coasts, flooding portions of Beaufort County. (Grace Morris Cordial)

The Hurricane of 1940 also produced significant storm surge across the South Carolina Lowcountry, killing people.

"The next storm that is really significant to the local people was the hurricane of 1940. Even in 1940, there were 10 drownings. "

Hurricane Gracie caused extensive wind and water damage, causing a large response from both the National Guard and American Red Cross. Wind produced extensive damage to several Beaufort landmarks and caused large limbs to fall, even after the storm departed, which resulted in both injuries and deaths.

Lowcountry area hurricane damage photographs:

The area has learned many lessons over the years, both from impacts from tropical systems and the large-scale evacuations that were ordered prior to their arrival. You can view all the photos of the 1893 hurricane here.

Going forward, we must remember what nature is capable and the damage it can produce along our coastline.

Don't be anxious, nor worried. Simply, plan, prepare and protect.

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