Savannah organizations donate home to veteran

Habitat for Humanity dedicated a Gulfstream sponsored house to a veteran and her family on Sunday.

The Gulfstream team began its plans for the construction of Coastal Empire Habitat's 143rd house in 2017. Over 163 Gulfstream volunteers spent more than 600 hours to build the house.

On Sunday they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening.

"I'm home, hi beautiful world, I'm home," said Tia Williams, the recipient.

Harrold Tessendorf, executive director of Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity, said he and his team are incredibly grateful to Gulfstream for sponsoring the house, and that their volunteers show what a community can do when everyone comes together.

"I'm extremely proud, we're tired but we're also highly energized to continue doing this work because we know that housing is so important. When you get housing correct, then all the other things flow together," said Tessendorf.

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