Good News: Ben Tucker memorial concert

Good News: Ben Tucker memorial concert

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Five years ago, Ben Tucker was taken from us, and Savannah still feels the loss.

Ben's legacy remains strong through organizations like Friends of Ben. The group continues to honor the bass man with the big smile.

Jazz filled the air at Wright Square on Sunday, sharing space with memories of Savannah's most beloved Jazz musician.

"Ben brought the music to the church. He was playing concerts free. He thought it was important to bring music to the church and the people of the community.

It's a community that remembers Ben Tucker five years after he was killed in an accident on Hutcheson Island. The Friends of Ben celebrate that memory every year with a free concert in his honor, but also in continuing his commitment to youth, education, and music.

"He spent an enormous amount of time going to the schools and donating his time playing concerts with the children and bringing the music to them, and in that vein, we have started Keep the Music Playing.

The program started by Friends of Ben distributes used instruments to musically-inclined students who might not be able to afford an instrument.

"You get someone who loves music, that's interested in music, and you put an instrument in their hands and you've got the next Ben Tucker. You've got the next Johnny Mercer,"

"And who knows, it might be the next generation of famous musicians and they can say 'I got my start through Friends of Ben and Ben Tucker."

Friends of Ben also provides scholarships for students hoping to pursue a music education.

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