Baseball by train: One student's summer journey

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - From the Chuck Taylors on his feet to the analog watch on his wrist, it's safe to say 21-year-old Jacob Wallace is a little more old school than most of his peers.

"When I was a freshman, people on my dorm room floor started calling me Grandpa, which is understandable and accurate," he joked.

His summer plans shouldn't be that surprising to those who know him.

Wallace is the one man crew for the Summer by Rail program that brings two things perhaps seen by many as pastime traditions - baseball and rail travel - to the forefront.

"I think they both kind of appeal to the idea to doing something for the experience of it," the American University student says.

Savannah was Wallace's latest stop on his journey, as he made his way to Grayson Stadium for Friday's sold out Bananas game. It's an experience unlike many in sports. While much of what the Bananas do scoffs at tried and true tradition, Wallace joined the party.

"All the pregame stuff has been equally crazy," Wallace said. "The baby thing, I love that."

As Wallace knows, there is no tradition without a community - the kind you find on a rail car to the one cheering the home team at the ballpark. To him, it's all about bringing people together.

"I think it's important for every community to have something to root for, that everyone can get behind," he said. "I think baseball provides that for people. It's just there for everyone to have a good time."

After a good night's sleep, he boards the train again. He's off to the next stop, somewhere down the line steeped in tradition and community.

"It's been an incredibly rewarding experience for me so far," he said. "And there's still so much to come."

To keep up with Wallace's journey, visit the Summer By Rail webpage.

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