Hampton County Animal Shelter rescues 23 starved horses after months of abuse

Hampton County Animal Shelter rescues starved horses

HAMPTON CO., SC (WTOC) - On May 30, the Hampton County Animal Shelter (HCAS) rescued 23 horses after investigating an abuse case.

The horses were starved and not in good health upon HCAS's arrival. All horses were removed from the property.

Out of the 23 horses, seven went to Rackettown Mustangs, two were returned to their previous owner, three have been sent to rescues with more to come. Four horses died. One horse was pregnant.

The remaining horses have been sent to various shelters in undisclosed locations.

Authorities said a code enforcement officer responded to this property in the Early Branch area because of calls of animal cruelty. They said ,when they got to the property, most of them were malnourished and they discovered the six dead horses.

The horses are barely able to move on their own and their bones are visible through their skin.

A Valiant Animal Rescue forensic specialist said it took months of abuse for these animals to be in the condition they were found in.

"The big thing that we want to get it there right now is that when people see animal cruelty, they need to speak up. They can't wait. They can't ask someone else to report it for them. They need to take in the initiative and do it themselves," she said.

The horses are not available for adoption. Donations can be made here.

Further updates about the horses can be found here.

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