Don't Be a Victim: Leaving children in vehicles

Don't Be a Victim: Leaving children in vehicles

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As temperatures start to swelter, police are putting out an important reminder that could be a lifesaver.

It doesn't take long for a car to become a deathtrap for children or animals.

"With reference to an unknown problem, what I have is a heated two-year-old female."

Those kinds of calls come in more than you might imagine in the summer months. Every year, an average of 37 kids die after being left in hot cars in the United States.

"Vehicles get hot. They get hot quick."

"You can see for yourself. You turn the car off, just sit in there for a minute or two and you realize how it gets how fast," said Cpl. Thomas Norris, SPD Crime Prevention Officer.

One thing police suggest you do is put something like your cell phone or your purse in the backseat.

"You can put something you think is valuable in the backseat that you are going to remember so you will check the backseat before you exit the vehicle," Cpl. Norris said.

Never leave a child in a vehicle alone, even if it's only for a few minutes and even with the car running.

"If you leave a child in the car and the car is still running, we have run into several times where the child has locked the car, so the child is locked inside and then it becomes even more dangerous."

Don't be a victim.

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