Two active flood warnings along the Savannah River

Two active flood warnings along the Savannah River
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GEORGIA (WTOC) - There are two separate active Flood Warnings along the Savannah River.

Minor flood stage begins at 11 feet with the Clyo and Burton's Ferry gauges reporting minor flood levels.

The river gauge near Clyo is currently reading over 14 feet.

Once the river reaches 14.5 feet, the bottom floor of several riverfront homes along Tom Goethe Road begins to flood.

The river could reach this level by Thursday morning and is expected to stay near this level through the weekend, peaking at 14.7 feet on Monday.

Further upstream, the river gauge near Burton's Ferry is over 16 feet

Once the river reaches 15 feet, flooding of some adjacent agricultural lands occurs.

Most boat ramps along the river are unusable.

The River at Burton's Ferry is forecasted to hit 17 feet as early as Saturday night.

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