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House bill would boost ports, dams and other water projects

Port of Savannah (Source: WTOC) Port of Savannah (Source: WTOC)

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House is preparing to approve a nearly $3 billion bill to improve the nation's ports, dams and harbors, protect against floods, restore shorelines and support other water-related projects.

The Water Resources Development Act would authorize a host of projects nationwide, including nearly $1 billion for a massive project to stem coastal erosion in Galveston, Texas, and restore wetlands and marshes damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The bill also would boost a project to deepen and expand Savannah, Georgia's harbor and direct the Army Corps of Engineers to study two dozen projects to reduce flood risks, improve navigation and protect against aquatic invasive species.

Lawmakers were debating the bill Wednesday, with a vote expected Wednesday night. If approved the measure would go to the Senate, which is considering a similar bill.

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