Savannah officers find elementary teacher dead while serving him warrant for child pornography

Robert Anderson, 26, was found dead in his home by police trying to serve a warrant for child pornography. (Source: Facebook)
Robert Anderson, 26, was found dead in his home by police trying to serve a warrant for child pornography. (Source: Facebook)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Savannah elementary school teacher being investigated for sexual exploitation of children and for having child porn was found dead in his home Friday by police officers.

Savannah Police say they have warrants for 26-year-old Robert Anderson. When they went to serve them, they found him dead inside his home.

Anderson taught at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy. Neighbors tell us there were multiple police cars and eventually a coroner's van outside the home, which had them wondering what was going on.

"I was shocked to find out that that was going on in our neighborhood," one neighbor said.

Lori Morgan saw several police cars on her street Friday morning and watched as officers canvassed the neighborhood, going door to door to talk with those who live nearby.

Savannah Police said in their news release that Anderson was actively employed at the school and that he also held several other supervisory roles over children.

"As an educator, he is around children and he has access to children in ways that most people do not, and that is frightening," Morgan said.

Charles Ellis' Parent Teacher Association made a brief statement about the news, saying, "We are very saddened and shocked by the news."

Looking into Anderson's teaching background information, we learned he was certified to teach with the district back in 2015 and had no ethics violations. Police didn't' say anything about the cause of death but did say it's not considered suspicious.

The Savannah Police Special Victims Unit investigation into the charges of possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of children is active and ongoing.

We spoke with the school board member of the district where Charles Ellis sits - Julie Wade. She declined to comment about the investigation and charges against Anderson at this time.

The following message was sent from the school to parents:

Dear Charles Ellis Parents and Staff:

WTOC reached out to police again on Saturday. They did not give us any more details citing the open investigation. If you're a parent, and you're worried, police encourage you to call them.

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