Olde Pink House back open, new recital planned after gas leak disrupts downtown Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Olde Pink House in Savannah is back open for business after a gas leak shut down the restaurant Thursday night.

"I didn't believe it. I said there's no way, there's no way we need to leave the building," said Autumn Taylor, Assistant General Manager of Olde Pink House. "Then I asked again and they said we need to evacuate, someone hit the gas line."

At the same time, 150 dancers from A Class Act Dance Center took the stage at the Lucas for their big end of the year performance.

"As soon as we hit the stage, we were flawless," said Ryen McGee, Owner, A Class Act Dance Center.

As the show prepared to start again after intermission, they got the news to get out fast. Hundreds filed out of buildings into Reynolds Square. The owner and dance teacher, Ryen McGee, says the priority was her dance students.

"It's the only important thing. They were walking out with dance shoes on, costumes without shoes. Everyone just left their stuff and we walked immediately out," she said. "It was a completely unnerving experience. The first thing I thought was they are going to come back and it's not happening and we can stay. I kept waiting for that moment and it didn't happen."

Some waited to see if the show would go on, but some parents and dancers were forced to stay for over three hours with their cars parked in the off-limits area. Now, the restaurant says they are grateful to still be standing and back open.

"We always joke the Pink House is going to be open, we are always going to be there, which we love, but there's always that feeling of waiting just to make sure, 'okay, please, we want to make sure our restaurant is good and we have a place to come back to. This is our home,' Taylor said.

As for the dancers, they will be in the spotlight soon enough as the studio plans for their makeup recital.

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