Abused horses recovering at Georgia animal rescue facility

HAMPTON CO., SC (WTOC) - Twenty-three horses were found abused in Hampton County, SC a few weeks ago, now several of them are on the road to recovery at a local facility.

The horses' conditions were so bad that they could not be kept at humane societies, so they had to be moved to an animal rescue facility.

"Thursday night, after we got the horses, I totally lost it. I cried so hard and so bad because it's just hard. You see these horses, just skin and bones," said Sandra Clark Williamson, with Rackettown Mustangs in Lyons, GA.

Williamson helped rescue the horses from Hampton County.

"Why would Stormy or James not get back with me and say, 'Hey, we are having these issues," Williamson said.

Williamson says she knew Stormy and James Grizzard, the two allegedly responsible for the abuse the horses went through for months.

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She says the Grizzards wanted to start a horse sanctuary so they got horses from her. She trusted them, only for some of the horses to end up back in her care after being starved and abused.

"It's going to take, I reckon, at least six months," she said.

But she's nursing them back to where they need to be and in just two weeks, you can already see them filling back out.

"They are kind of showing me, in their way, that they trust us here," Williamson said.

Today, the horses were happy, eating and doing whatever they could for a treat. They are gaining their personalities back and they feel like they can trust people again.

"There's hope in their eyes," Williamson said.

WTOC will be following this investigation and will keep you as updated on the progression of these horses as possible.

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